Helping sick children (and he’s not yet a teenager)

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Looking to be inspired by acts of goodness in the world?  Meet Campbell Remess, a 12-year-old boy from Tasmania, who, for three years now, has been building teddy bears for sick children.

One day he asked his mom if he could buy presents for kids at the local hospital.  When he learned from his mom that it was too much (she had already bought presents for him and his eight siblings), he told her he would make some gifts.  Little did his mom know that her son would soon learn how to use their family’s sewing machine and create a teddy bear from a pattern he had googled and found online.  While the first one took five hours and looked raggedy, he improved his skills and efficiency.  It now takes him about an hour.  His mom estimates he has created over 700 bears.

He takes on jobs to earn pocket money to pay for the costs, and people also donate money and materials.  His acts of goodness indeed ripple in the world, bringing out true worth from those who donate to his cause.  And his kindness shines upon the recipients of the teddy bears, uplifting their spirits.

Campbell’s mom says, “I suppose, in a glimpse, he makes teddy bears and gives them to children, but what he really is (doing) is he looks at sadness and tries to turn it upside down.”

Campbell touchingly says, “Being kind and not mean would change the world a lot.”

There is even more to this heart-tugging story and inspiration.  Watch the video to see what it means to his dad.


Be inspired through his example of goodness and go LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF!

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