Single candle life truths learn laugh love live

The first of the three truths of the Philosophy for LYF

To best grasp the Philosophy for LYF, you should have a clear awareness of three key truths of your life.  These truths set the stage for both understanding the philosophy and being motivated to implement it for your life. Acting on these truths can set you free from any ruts, resistance, and regrets; ruts in your living, resistance to change, and any regrets over how you have lived your life up to this point.

This is the first of the three truths.

Truth #1: Your life will end.

It may seem strange to start a truth about your life by talking about your death, but it is the very nature of your impending death that should make your life so valuable to you now and your time left in this world so precious. This is your wake-up call and prodder to get you moving.

There are over a million miracles you—yes, you—can do with your life that you cannot do once you are gone. Create. Innovate. Appreciate. Experience. Laugh. Empathize. Care. Grow. Smell flowers. Watch a sunset. Play in the surf. Kiss a loved one. Hold hands. Smile.

What makes your life so precious now is that you will one day not be able to do those things. A flower flourishes when its roots are planted and the sun is shining knowing one day the rains will end, the sun will fade, and the cold wind will blow.

Even more sobering—or better yet, motivating—many of us will physically or mentally lose the ability to control our own life even before we leave this world. We become cut flowers, no longer growing, perhaps sustained by nutrients or artificial means to give an appearance of life for a while, but lifeless as the end nears.

Your life is a perishable product. The countdown clock is ticking steadily downward, and you only have so much time left.

Given that your life will end, start living your life better. Now.

Single candle life truths learn laugh love live

#1: Your life will end.

Let this truth motivate you to better your life. Now.

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