Ripples Water Philosophy for LYF Life Truth

The second of the three truths of the Philosophy for LYF

There are three key truths of which you should have a clear awareness to best grasp the Philosophy for LYF. These truths set the stage for both understanding the philosophy and being motivated to implement it for your life.

The first of the three truths (your life will end) was discussed in an earlier post and is worth a read prior to being introduced to the second truth.

Here is the second of the three truths.

Truth #2: Your life matters.

Your life leaves ripples in the lives you touch, the actions you take, and the works you make. And these ripples continue when you are gone. If you think your life does not matter, you are wrong.

Your life impacts those around you. What you say, what you share, what you do, and how you act all influence and affect the lives with whom you interact. When you share your knowledge and wisdom, you give a chance for others to learn and grow. When you smile at and laugh with (not at) others, you give an opportunity for others to find joy. When you lend a caring hand, you give comfort and help someone out. When you do your best, you inspire others to do better.

Your life can impact those who come far after your life has ended. A fruit tree you planted when you were alive becomes sustenance for others born later. A book you wrote entertains or enlightens someone. The values you taught your children or other children become the values they live and share with their children. What someone heard, even second or third hand, about how you lived your life becomes a model for his or her own life. The impact that each of us has now and in the future is based on what we do in our lifetime.

This is the way your life moves forward. It is your impact. It is your legacy. It represents your life’s worth. Whether you want to be a steady stream of pebbles in a pond or a boulder that makes a big splash is up to you. Just mind your ripples. Make them positive—to others and, thus, to the world at large. While you can no longer better yourself after you are gone, the positive ripples of your life will still do goodness for others and through others.

Given that your life matters and your impact lives on, live your life to make a positive difference. Now.

Ripples Water Philosophy for LYF Life Truth

#2: Your life matters.

Let this truth motive you to make a positive difference in the world. Now.

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