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Don’t keep your goodness to yourself

Keeping your good values only for yourself is SHELFish!


Goodness is the foundational core value in the Philosophy for LYF. Goodness should be in everything you do. The other core values that spring from goodness and that allow you to fully perform the four deeds of goodness of LRN LAF LUV LIV are open-mindedness, gratefulness, respectfulness, and courageousness.

These core values apply toward yourself and toward others. For example, you should always be respectful to yourself (don't treat yourself badly and don't let others treat you badly) and always be respectful of others (show kindness to others and nurture others with goodness). Both directions are critical to fulfill your life's mission: to grow your true wealth for yourself and give your true worth to others.


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Being selfish is when you think only of yourself and ignore doing actions of goodness toward others. While doing goodness toward yourself is important, that is only half of your life's mission.

So don't keep your goodness to yourself. Take your core values off the shelf and share them with everyone. Giving your true worth will set you on the right path to your better life—an elevated life.

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