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Your Life’s Owner’s Manual

As we wrap up the first year of posts for LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF, I hope you find this Owner's Manual for Your Life brings you a smile, a laugh, and an uplifted spirit.  Enjoy!

Your Life

The Owner's Manual


Congratulations on getting a life!  Your life is a one-of-a-kind model custom-built especially for you.  No one else has a life like yours.  Even better, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime.*

* Lifetime guarantee:  Applies to the original owner only.  Cannot be transferred.  No refunds.  One life per individual.

Out of the box, it is ready for you to take a spin.  To get the most out of your life (and to prevent stains that cannot be removed), read this manual first.

Your life comes equipped with thousands of miraculous features carefully selected for your benefit and enjoyment.  Many of the physical features come in pairs, including eyes, ears, nostrils, hands, and feet.  Only one mouth is provided to reduce the trouble it can get you in.  All of your physical parts are self-contained and come pre-attached; you will never misplace or forget to bring part of you wherever you go.

You will find your life is much more than the physical body and starter kit provided.  It is what you do with it that defines your life.  With proper guidance and use, you can refine, enhance, and steer your life, making it better all along the way.  If there is any occasion that your life goes astray and you need to pick up the pieces, your life can be put back together again (some assembly required).

Please note that your life comes with imperfections.  These are natural and a hallmark of handcrafted pieces of work.  It adds to your life’s charm and uniqueness.  They are not considered defects.

With proper use and maintenance your life will be special for years to come.

Safety Precautions

Your life is designed to assure your personal safety. Improper use can result in shock; proper use can result in awe.

Caution: Your life is sturdy, yet very fragile. Handle with care.

Caution: Do not turn your life upside down. Always keep it right-side up.

Warning: Do not open the cover or mess with any internal parts. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer any repairs to qualified personnel.

Caution: Do not overuse, overburden, or maintain in any stressful environment for long periods of time. Doing so can burn out your life and shorten it.

Danger: Avoid exposure to toxins and bad situations.

Warning: Do not use your life for anything other than its intended use.

Danger: Inactivity can result in a wasted life.

Caution, Warning, and Danger: If you are not careful, your life can accidentally create another life. Be sure you have your life under control first.

IMPORTANT:  Before starting, living, or messing around with your life, please read this Owner’s Manual carefully and completely.

Have you started your life already?  Most people jump right in to life immediately and only read this manual when there is a problem.

Such is life.  There is no reverse switch or pause button to place your life on hold.  Pick up your life where you left off and proceed forward.

Package Contents

Before using your life beyond the basic biological functions, examine the contents to make sure you have everything.  Do not worry if you occasionally feel there is something missing in your life.  Every life does at some point or another.  Take comfort in knowing you can control this feeling and have the ability to make your life whole.

Contents:  1 (one) life.

If you believe you...Then...

Did not get a life

Open the package fully.  Your life is there, but it may not be activated properly.

Are not all there, have some screws loose, or have a life that has come apart

You will likely have difficulties getting your life to function properly.  Seek professional help.

Received someone else’s life or more than one life

Seek even more professional help.

Have lived your life before

How come you do not remember reading this Owner’s Manual before?

Key Components Provided

Your life comes with thousands of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components.  Four key parts of your life are shown below.

Owners Manual Key Components LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live Life

IMPORTANT:  Not drawn to scale.  If your life is fully activated and elevated, your heart is much bigger, your smile is much broader, your mind is more open, and your whole being is bigger than life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is my life different than everyone else?

A:  Every life is handcrafted when created.  No two are alike.  And then each life is exposed to the elements the moment life begins, weathering and enriching each life differently.  If you are looking for uniformity and precision, purchase one of our robots.

Q:  Can I get another life?  Or switch with someone else?

A:  Sorry, no swapping and only one per customer.  Make the most of the life you received.

Q:  How can I get my life started?

A:  Each life starts with a single breath.  Focus on the goodness of learning, laughing, loving, and living to get your life started on the right foot.  Keep that fourfold focus always and you will have a great life.

Q:  Can I turn my life around?

A:  You have control of your life.  Steer it in the direction of goodness.  While there is no restart, restore, reverse, or reboot feature, you can make directional changes to get your life back on track.

Q:  Should I wait for the next life model?  When does version 2.0 come out?  Can I upgrade?

A:  Your life is made from the only human model offered.

Q:  I love my life!

A:  Well done!  Your life is working as it should.  Did you have a question?

IMPORTANT:  Save these instructions.  Your life may depend on it.

Final Instructions

Once more, congratulations on getting a life!  Your life is full of potential, and with proper guidance and use, you will have a great life.  Keep the following in mind to get the most out of it.

  • Your life is unlike any other product you will ever own.  It should receive special treatment.  Keep it well lubricated (water is best).  Keep it clean and free of dirty laundry and dirty thoughts.  Tune it daily to ensure it is working at its optimal level.  Treat it well and it will treat you well.
  • Remember that your life not only has value, it can create value.  This value can make you truly wealthy and truly worthy.  And that value is limitless.
  • Keep your life active. Your life does not do well if kept in the dark.  It does not increase in value if kept shrink-wrapped.  It does not lengthen its lifespan if kept idle.  It may have trouble restarting if left unused for too long.
  • Elevate your life. You are in control of your life’s goodness switch.  Due to factory settings, this is an opt-in switch.
  • Your life was given to you for a purpose. This is the greatest gift you will ever receive.

Refer back to this manual as you continue operating your life.  If you have any additional questions about your life, go online to https://LearnLaughLoveLive.com.

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