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Be a Leader for LYF

The Philosophy for LYF provides a framework from which to understand positive views of the terms leader and leadership.  It also gives us guidance on the type of leader we should be and the leadership we should show.

Leader (and Leadership)

Three different terms are used for leader (and for leadership) in the Philosophy for LYF.  The terms all mean the same.  Which term is used is dependent on the context and the emphasis that is desired.

The terms are:

  • Leader of goodness (and goodness leadership)
  • True leader (and true leadership)
  • Leader for LYF (and elevated leadership)

These terms relate to your core values and strategy, your mission, and your vision, respectively.

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If we want to emphasize the character and actions of the type of leader we should be, we use the term leader of goodness.  This emphasizes the core values (especially goodness) and strategy (LRN LAF LUV and LIV) of a leader.

A leader of goodness is one who:

  • Empowers, uplifts, nurtures, and inspires the goodness in us all. He or she gives people the skills, keeps them positive, supports them, and motivates them to do better, all in the name of goodness.
  • Improves, enjoys, values, and realizes the goodness and the leadership skills he or she has on an ongoing basis so he or she can continue to ever give more true worth.

If we want to emphasize the purpose of the type of leader we should be, we use the term true leader.  This emphasizes the mission (grow true wealth and give true worth) of a leader.

A true leader is one who:

  • Gives true worth to us all so that we may better our lives.
  • Grows true wealth to better himself or herself to be a better leader.

And if we want to emphasize the life of the type of leader we should be, we use the term leader for LYF.  This emphasizes the vision (an elevated life) of a leader.

A leader for LYF is one who:

  • Lives the core values, strategy, and mission of LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF every day
  • Elevates his or her own life by giving true worth to others and growing true wealth
  • Works every day to help elevate the lives of others
  • Helps elevate the world through his or her elevated leadership.

Be a Leader for LYF

We can all be leaders.  Leaders of ourselves.  Leaders to help others.

When you live the Philosophy for LYF successfully you naturally become a leader: a leader of goodness, a true leader, a leader for LYF.  Your leadership is not an act you put on in a leadership role, but it is a way of living that naturally shows goodness and leadership through your character, your actions, your purpose, and your life.

Be your own leader–and your very own cheerleader–for LYF.  Lead yourself on the path to your better life.  

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