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Character counts and manners matter

To live an elevated life and be a true leader, character counts and manners matter.

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In the Philosophy for LYF, the core values––the most critical and influential values that are the very core of the way you think and act––are goodness, open-mindedness, gratefulness, respectfulness, and courageousness.  Aligning and living your life with these core values every day—as a matter of course—elevates the quality of your character and guides your way of life.  Aligning your values to these core values gives you the goodness of your character that is foundational to bettering your life.

Concepts - Philosophy - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

Good character and good manners built on goodness and respectfulness are necessary ingredients to live an elevated life and be a true leader.

Character counts

Your character describes your mental and moral qualities.  Your character comes from your values.  Values are the markings on your moral compass that identify whether a thought or an act aligns with your values or is astray. Your values set your bearing in life.

Goodness is the single all-encompassing foundational core value of LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF.  Goodness is a quality that infuses your life’s actions with outcomes that are truly valuable and elevating.

The goodness of your character counts because it is foundational to bettering your life.  Goodness of character is necessary for true leadership because true leaders are leaders of goodness.

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Manners matter

Your manners describe the way you conduct yourself and behave toward others.  Manners based on the value of goodness include respectfulnessRespectfulness is one of the supporting core values in the Philosophy for LYF.  Respectfulness means being kind, courteous, considerate, fair, and just.  It is reflected in treating yourself and other people with dignity and justice.

Good manners matter because respectfulness is required to fully nurture others and implement the LUV deed of goodness.  Good manners allow you to love with goodness.

Go with goodness every day.  Because your character counts and your manners matter.

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