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Break Your Barriers and Elevate

The Philosophy for LYF provides you the key concepts critical to your better life, and it presents you with a clear path to experience your better life. When you implement it, you will continually be improving your life, enjoying your life, valuing your life, and realizing your life's potential.

Is there something preventing you from fully embracing the concepts and living a better life? Are you hesitant to change the:

  • way you live your life (your core values) to goodness?
  • how you life your life (your strategy) to doing goodness?
  • what you live your life for (your mission) to creating true value for yourself and others?
  • why you live your life (your vision) to elevating yourself and the world?

You are not alone. Change can be chilling. Change can be challenging. Change can be chancy, even if the path is laid out and the rewards are ready to be reaped.

Your Life's Core Values

Concepts - Philosophy - Values - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

You may not be sure about goodness as a core value. You may not think you have goodness within yourself. You may have a hardened heart having been hurt by those who have abused your goodness. You may believe the world’s spoils only go to the takers, the fakers, and the troublemakers.

If this is you, break through these thoughts that are holding you down.

Everyone has the seed for goodness. It is there in you, but perhaps buried over time by poor role models and unkind (even cruel) people. There will always exist other people who have yet to learn the way of goodness, but their thoughts and their actions should not dictate your principles and keep your goodness buried. Never let others control or negatively influence your core values. Doing so lets them have a measure of control over your life. Take control of your life by choosing to follow what you desire, not based on what you may or may not see in others. Follow the way of goodness, for goodness is the only way you can do goodness to yourself.

Your Life's Strategy

Concepts - Philosophy - Strategy deeds of goodness - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

You may not be sure about focusing on the four deeds of goodness as a strategy. You may feel that life should be spontaneous and unfettered. You may fear failure or rejection. You may believe there are times to be cruel and vengeful.

If this is you, break through these thoughts that are holding you down.

The four deeds of goodness are liberating, not limiting. They serve as guidance toward goodness and guardrails against gutters. They only remove the paths that are self-destructive and guide you to paths with the greatest opportunities to create true value and a better life. The number of actions, as well as the opportunities, to do goodness with these four deeds are limitless. And it frees you from distractions, dead-ends, and the consequences of poor choices.

There are no failures in doing deeds of goodness. Any goodness is good news. You may think your deed is too small a gesture, but to others, it may be big. Doing goodness is easy once you are attuned to it.

Rejections of your goodness to others can sting, but recognize that you cannot force others to accept your help and grow their own true wealth. You control the goodness of your actions, and there is no failure in that.

Never think there is victory in vengeance. Hatred harms you as well as the one harmed. It devalues your value, even if you perceive benefit.

Your Life's Mission

Concepts - Philosophy - Mission - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

You may not be sure about creating true value as a mission. You may believe that fortune or fame would bring you more happiness. You may believe true value does not put food on the table or a sports car in your garage. You may believe other people are inconsequential to how you live your life.

If this is you, break through these thoughts that are holding you down.

Fortune and fame are dependent on others for money and validation. How you go about getting them may not align with the core value of goodness. Money and recognition can be a consequence of living an elevated life, but they are not its mission. Any fortune or fame should be a means to an end—to be used to fulfill your mission to grow true wealth and give true worth—and not the goal itself. We should spend money on doing goodness that creates true value.

Your true wealth and true worth are not money, but they open doors that stay closed to those who do not do goodness to themselves or others. Who would not hire someone who’s kind over someone who’s cruel?

Experiencing an elevated life requires both true wealth and true worth. Your life’s worthiness is just as important as your wealth.

Your Life's Vision

Concepts - Philosophy - Vision - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

You may not be sure about an elevated life and an elevated world as a vision. You may believe you will never attain it, either because of the bridges you have burned or the circumstances of your life. You may feel your life does not make a difference in the world. You may believe your life is meant for suffering.

If this is you, break through these thoughts that are holding you down.

Experiencing an elevated life is achievable by holding fast to your life’s mission and consistently doing the four deeds of goodness both to yourself and to others. The result is transformative, no matter when you start.

Your life does matter. It impacts others. You don’t have to be a boulder. Pebbles can have ripples that reach further than the great splash of a boulder.

And your life was not born for suffering, neither by existence nor by some artificial station in life that others may have placed you in. You know there are others who are reaching, stretching, bettering, elevating their own lives. You may not see their struggles and the challenges they face, but they face them and work to overcome them. Your life is no different.

Break barriers Values Strategy Mission Vision LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live Life

Break Through the Barriers

Break through all these barriers. You are in control. You have the keys to your kingdom (you have always had the keys). You now have the instructions on how to unlock the gates of goodness and step into your better life that awaits. You have nothing to lose, but a lesser life.

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