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Celebrate Goodness Daily

November 13 of each year is designated World Kindness Day. It’s nice to be reminded how important kindness is, even for just a day.

There is also a Good Deeds Day, a Random Acts of Kindness Day, and various international and national volunteer days.

I’ve thought about whether Goodness needs a yearly holiday of its own. But it does not feel right.

Goodness needs to be in our thoughts and actions every single day. Goodness is a way of living, not a once a year living. Goodness is a core value to behold daily, not to be held yearly.

Celebrate Goodness on every birthday, both yours and others

So rather than one day a year of goodness, I suggest every birthday be a day to celebrate the glory of goodness.

On our own birthdays, we should use our special day to be grateful for having had another year to add goodness to the world. We should reflect on how we improved our goodness, valued our goodness, and showed our goodness over the past year. We should take stock in how we gave true worth when sharing our goodness with others.

We should also use our own birthday day to give an extra bit of goodness to ourselves and to others. We can still have our cake. Our additional deeds of goodness can be the icing on the cake.

And when celebrating the birthdays of others, our role is to praise the goodness of the birthday boy or girl. We should remind them of the goodness we received from them over the past year and the goodness we observed them giving to others. We should let them know we value their goodness.

Worthy of a daily celebration

Birthdays happen every day, whether it is ours or of a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague, or someone else who has given goodness in this world. All birthdays remind us why we were born: to elevate our lives and better the world.

There is not a better day to celebrate goodness than every single day.

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