Do LRN to improve and empower

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The Philosophy for LYF specifies four deeds of goodness necessary to achieve your better life: LRN, LAF, LUV, and LIV.  The last post introduced these four deeds and their importance to an elevated life. As a reminder: Each deed of … Read More

Do the four deeds of goodness

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Want a better life?  The Philosophy for LYF provides you with a mission, vision, strategy, and core values to achieve it. The past few posts have provided details about: the way to live your life better through the core values of goodness, open-mindedness, … Read More

Give your true worth

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Your life’s mission—the what you should do with your life—is twofold: grow true wealth for yourself and give true worth to others. Your mission, in essence, creates true value throughout your life both for yourself and for others. The last … Read More

Grow your true wealth

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As described in the last post, your life’s mission revolves around growing true wealth and giving true worth. Growing true wealth and giving true worth are intertwined life-time partners that define your overarching purpose in life, set boundaries on what … Read More

Know your mission in life

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Your better life requires a mission, a vision, a strategy, and core values.  A mission for your life gives you a purpose.  A vision for your life gives you a reason.  A strategy for your life gives you a plan.  … Read More

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