Kissing the hand that feeds you

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There are several heartwarming themes in this story. There is the theme of a son persevering to overcome challenges. A theme of a mother helping her son. Themes of achieving a goal and of celebrations. And a theme of gratitude. All of … Read More

Ripples of Goodness in Action

Looking for an example of what a simple act of goodness can do? Here is a wonderful example of kindness begetting kindness, of goodness that ripples out and generates more good vibrations and inspires others to perform their own acts of kindness. The Pebble of … Read More

Knowledge is harmful without goodness

Written by Montaigne in the negative form (paraphrasing, “knowledge is harmful without goodness”), this profound thought strikes an ominous tone if we—as humans—continue to progress our technological advances without upping our game in goodness.Without an understanding of goodness, knowledge of how to harness energy … Read More

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