Grasp the Keys

Grasp the Keys

Unlock and embrace the philosophy's concepts for your better life

Your better life requires a mission, a vision, a strategy, and core values.  A mission for your life gives you a purpose.  A vision for your life gives you a reason.  A strategy for your life gives you a plan.  And core values for your life give you bearings.

Your Mission

Your life's mission is twofold: grow true wealth for yourself and give true worth to others.  Your mission, in essence, creates true value throughout your life both for yourself and for others.

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True wealth is the goodness of your true self, stripped of all monetary and material possessions you may have.  It is the value you carry around within you.  Your true wealth includes valuables such as your wisdom, your skills, your belief in yourself, and your joys.

True worth is the goodness you give to others.  True worth is given in many ways, such as the wisdom you share, the kindness you show, and the lending of a hand to someone in need.  Giving true worth is what makes your life truly worthy.

Growing true wealth provides you the valuables to give true worth.  And giving true worth provides and enhances your opportunities to grow true wealth.  And neither diminishes the other’s value.  This is the wealth-worth win-win.

Your Strategy

Your strategy is to dedicate your life to doing four deeds of goodnessLRN, LAF, LUV, and LIV.  These four deeds specify how (through your actions) to both grow true wealth and give true worth.

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Actions to improve the goodness in yourself and empower goodness in others (e.g., learning a new skill, teaching that skill to others)
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Actions to enjoy the goodness in yourself and uplift goodness in others (e.g., taking a walk in a park, playing a friendly game with friends)
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Actions to value the goodness in yourself and nurture goodness in others (e.g., respecting your mind and body with healthy living, giving food to someone in need)


Actions to realize the goodness in yourself and inspire goodness in others (e.g., doing your best in helping your friend, taking the high road)

Your Vision

Your life's vision is an elevated life.  An elevated life is a high form of living, full of true wealth and true worth, of wisdom, joy, purpose, and actualization.

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An elevated life is filled with elevations—jubilant moments in your life, some personal as you grow true wealth and some divine as you give true worth.

Your elevated life contributes to a better, elevated world.

Your Core Values

Your life's core values are goodness, open-mindedness, gratefulness, respectfulness, and courageousness. Aligning and living your life with these values every day—as a matter of course—exemplifies the goodness of your character and guides your way of life.

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Goodness is the single all-encompassing, foundational value of an elevated life and essential ingredient for creating any true value in your life.
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The four supporting values of open-mindedness, gratefulness, respectfulness, and courageousness are requisites for fully creating true value from the related deeds of goodness.