The Philosophy for LYF

The Philosophy for LYF

Your better life begins with you

Do you want a better life? It not only is possible, it is achievable. And it is within your control.

What you need is an approach to living that is simple, not simplistic. Practical, not theoretical. Guiding, not confining.

The Philosophy for LYF describes the key concepts critical to a better life, and it presents a clear path to experiencing your better life. When you implement it, you will continually be improving your life, enjoying your life, valuing your life, and realizing your life's potential.

A core tenet of the philosophy states that you only need to focus your life on four deeds of goodness.  These four deeds are alliterated in an easy to remember credo:


When you implement this philosophy for living even at the most elementary level—simply learn, laugh, love, and live more—you will notice an improvement in your life.  When you take it a step further and implement the four deeds of goodness at their deeper levels by interconnecting them, applying them both inward toward self and outward toward others, and making them everyday habits, you will begin experiencing an elevated life, one marked with wisdom, joy, purpose, and attainment of your potential, all arising from your life’s true mission: to grow true wealth for yourself and give true worth to others.

The Philosophy for LYF and some of its key concepts are depicted below.

Concepts - Philosophy - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

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