Sparkler Life Truths Bright

Know the Truths

Acting on the truths will set you free from any ruts, resistance, and regrets

You should have a clear awareness of three key truths of your life. These truths—your life will end, your life matters, and your life can be better—set the stage for both understanding the philosophy and being motivated to implement it for your life. Acting on these truths can set you free from any ruts, resistance, and regrets; ruts in your living, resistance to change, and any regrets over how you have lived your life up to this point.

Your life will end.

It is the very nature of your impending death that should make your life so valuable to you now and your time left in this world so precious.  Start living better.  Now.

Your life matters.

Your life leaves ripples in the lives you touch, the actions you take, and the works you make.  Live your life to make a positive difference.  Now.

Your life can be better.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what you have done, your life can be better.  You control the most critical and valuable aspects of your life: your values, your thoughts, and your actions.  Take control and make it better.  Now.

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