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Doing goodness together to save a dog

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What follows is a wonderful example of what happens when people work together in goodness to solve problems and overcome challenges. If you need some inspiration today on goodness in action, watch the video below.

A man wades into the rapidly running water of a massive concrete flood control channel to rescue a dog caught in the middle of a moving stream. He grabs the dog by the neck and leads the dog to the edge of the channel. But the man finds the very steep and slippery side of the concrete channel is impossible to scale by himself, not even with a dog in tow.  He slides back down on every attempt to scale the wall. He needs help.

Several people notice and come to his aid.  A couple of men start, followed by a third, and then a fourth, to create a human chain from the top of the wall down the slope to reach the man and the dog.  It took a few attempts and resets.  But they persevered.  The goodness of the dog rescuer beget goodness in others.  And success prevailed.  The man with the dog was finally able to grab hold of the human chain and make it up to the top with the dog.

The video below is a short clip from a longer video of the event.

Goodness through teamwork is inspirational!


Here is a link to the longer clip (update April 12, 2017: this video has been removed from YouTube):


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