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Don’t evolve…elevate!

It's time we all up our game so that we can experience a better level of living.  Let Homo Elevatus be our guide: the heart is much bigger, the smile is much broader, the mind is more open, and the whole being is bigger than life.

The vision of your better life in the Philosophy for LYF is an elevated life––a high form of living, full of the truest forms of wealth and worth, of wisdom, joy, purpose, and actualization for yourself and others.  The mascot for an elevated life––introduced in this "meet the mascots" post––is represented by the head of LRN, the face of LAF, the heart of LUV, and the outstretched arms of LIV.  An elevated life is all of these working together synergistically.

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Elevate your life by doing the goodness deeds of LRN LAF LUV LIV everyday. You will experience wonderful elevations––jubilant moments in your life, some personal as you grow true wealth and some divine as you give true worth. And you will attain a higher level of living and a better life.

If we all do deeds of goodness and elevate together, we will experience an elevated world. And what a wonderful world it will be!

Don't evolve...elevate!


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