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Give your true worth

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Your life’s mission—the what you should do with your life—is twofold: grow true wealth for yourself and give true worth to others. Your mission, in essence, creates true value throughout your life both for yourself and for others.

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The last two posts have described in more detail your life's mission and true wealth. This post focuses on the meaning of true worth.

True Worth

Are you living a truly worthy life?

A truly worthy life is one in which your actions make others and the world better. Worthiness is determined by the riches you give out, not the riches you accumulate and possess. Your worth comes from what you give in your lifetime and your continuing impact after you depart it.

True worth is the goodness you give to others.  True worth is given in many ways, such as the wisdom you share, the kindness you show, and the lending of a hand to someone in need.  Giving true worth is what makes your life truly worthy.

Your true worth is the goodness you give to others by doing deeds of goodness (LRN LAF LUV LIV) to help others grow their own true wealth. Empowering others, uplifting others, nurturing others, and inspiring others all contribute to your true worth.

Giving True Worth

Giving true worth is beyond a passing thought, a nice idea, or a plan. It is taking action on these thoughts, ideas, and plans. It is doing the deed of goodness towards others. It is lending a hand to someone else. Comforting another’s sorrow. Teaching others a skill. Removing an obstacle from another person’s path.

As the focus of giving true worth is on others, it is not uncommon to think: What’s in it for me?

This simple mission of giving true worth to others gives your life its true measure of worth—your worthiness.

  • It gives your life a primary purpose and direction.
  • It shows you do make a difference.
  • It helps you align your strengths and interests to what can better the world.
  • It provides you opportunities to receive goodness in return.
  • It gives you a foothold to an elevated life.
  • It gives you a better you.

Giving true worth is the only way this world can improve––one person at a time, incrementally from generation to generation, countering any wrongs of those who stray, and moving the world forward in goodness.

Giving true worth to others is also the thanks we give for having been given a life. We were born in this world because of others that conceived us. We came in this world fully dependent on the goodness deeds of others to survive and become better. None of us would have someone to learn from, someone to laugh with, someone to be loved by, or someone to inspire us were it not for the goodness of others. We owe it to ourselves, those around us, and the next generations to continue the cycle of helping others.

Albert Einstein eloquently wrote as his own motivation:

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”

Giving true worth is not a “give true worth as has been given unto me.” It is a “give true worth”—period. You may know of others who have broken the cycle of doing goodness. You may know of others who did not consider it their mission to give true worth or who turned a blind eye to opportunities to give true worth. You may have received a short shrift on kindness, may have been knocked down instead of helped up, may have felt lonely and ignored instead of cared for and loved. But that does not change your mission. You know firsthand what it does to a person when goodness is absent or when neglect, hatred, and harm fill the void. The world does not become better if you drop the baton. Each deed of goodness expressed in this world is an improvement on what existed the moment before.

Giving true worth to others reinforces the truth that the world does not revolve around any one of us or exist just for any one of us. We are a part of this world and not the center of this world. Others were here before us and others will be here after we have departed. We owe it to others to be good stewards.

Giving true worth to others does not mean you are giving up, giving in, or giving away. This is not a they-win-I-lose, a help-ye-harm-me.

And while giving true worth is not a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” one-for-one give-and-take, giving true worth often gives back to the giver, sometimes in multiples. Giving true worth often enriches your own experiences from which you gain additional knowledge, wisdom, and skills. It can provide enjoyment and an appreciation for what you have. It can help your self-acceptance and create an opportunity for receiving love. It can challenge you and push you to greater pursuits. Doing goodness to others does goodness to you. Giving true worth begets growing true wealth, the wonders of the wealth-worth win-win.

Your true worth lives on through the actions you take in your lifetime. Your true worth is part of your legacy. It is your positive impact to others and a positive contribution to the world.

These past three posts have provided insight into your life's twofold mission of growing true wealth and giving true worth. Your mission is the what you should do with your life.

The next post discusses your strategy––the how to live your life.

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