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Sow, Tend, and Reap Goodness

You have heard it before: you reap what you sow.  If you do actions that are mean-spirited, others will be worse off for it and you will pay the price.  If you do actions of goodness, you will personally benefit and others will benefit as well.

In the Philosophy for LYF, goodness is a must in all of your actions.  Sow the seeds of goodness through your actions of LRN, LAF, LUV, and LIV, and you will reap the rewards.  Smile at others, and you will feel better (studies bear that out), and others will be uplifted, too.  Help someone out with goodness, and not only will that person be helped, but you will feel more satisfied as well.  This is the wealth-worth win-win; you gain true wealth and you give true worth at the same time.

So go sow those seeds.  Do actions of goodness that improve yourself and empower others, to enjoy yourself and uplift others, that value yourself and nurture others, that realize your potential and inspire others.  Tend diligently to those actions.  And—voila!—you will be enriched and on the road to an elevated life.

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