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LRN LAF LUV LIV for Leaders Workshops – Summer 2019

Two LRN LAF LUV LIV for Leaders™ workshops were held in June and July 2019 for youth attending the Global Youth Leadership in Action™ program hosted by The Center for Global Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurial Studies™ at Brandon Hall School.

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These two-and-a-half-hour power-packed workshops:

  • Introduced the concepts of LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF™ and its benefits to the students
  • Provided an understanding of how to apply the concepts to leadership (LRN LAF LUV LIV for Leaders™) and become a better leader
  • Presented opportunities to make the concepts integral to how one lives and leads
  • Allowed each student to improve the outcome of his or her entrepreneurial idea through the application of LRN LAF LUV LIV in his or her project.
LRN LAF LUV LIV Learn Laugh Love Live for Leaders Workshop 1 Teaching

The workshops were designed for maximum participation and minimal lecture, with a series of discussions and exercises designed to engage the students and build on their learnings.  The workshops also provided opportunities for the students to showcase key leadership competencies, including:

  • Public speaking, empathy, and people skills
  • Growth mindset and habit development
  • Cultural and diversity skills
  • Leadership theories and assessments
  • Problem-solving skills.
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The students in both workshops were from several countries, adding an international and cultural flair to the workshops.  The countries represented in the program included the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, China, Columbia, Nigeria, United States, and Vietnam.  There were 28 students across the two workshops.

The workshops reaffirmed the universality of the concepts of LRN LAF LUV LIV to different cultures and the applicability and resonance of the concepts to youth.

LRN LAF LUV LIV Learn Laugh Love Live for Leaders Workshop 2 Students Presenting
LRN LAF LUV LIV Learn Laugh Love Live for Leaders Workshop 1 Students Presenting


The feedback received from the school, chaperons, and students from both workshops was very positive.

The application and tie-in of the philosophy to their entrepreneurial ideas and to their leadership was apparent as they presented their ideas at the GYLIA-19 International Conference.

As an example, Ms. Tuckett of Bermuda presented her idea of Girl (Em)Power and its organization to the attendees at the conference.  Her goals for the organization was full of giving true worth through the empowerment of LRN (interviewing skills, resume writing, and scholarships for women) and the nurturing and support of LUV (support groups, therapy, self-care classes, feminine hygiene products, legal representation, legislative amendments, Gender Equality Council).  Her presentation showcased her leadership skills, uplifting the audience (LAF) and giving inspiration to all (LIV).

LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live for Leaders GYLIA program

The students also provided feedback on several LRN LAF LUV LIV concepts that resonated with them.  It showed the students learned and internalized the concepts into something meaningful to them.  Just a few of the written feedback notes received:

  • "LRN LAF LUV LIV – everything you need to achieve success"
  • "LUV – It showed me that I need to take care of myself in order to help and take care of others"
  • "Goodness – The core value of life (human character)"
  • "Wealth-worth win-win – because it includes both growing true wealth and giving true worth"
  • "True worth – I really liked the true worth concept because I think it is important to have actions of goodness towards others because by this way, the world would be a better place"
  • "Grow True Wealth leads to giving true worth. Giving true worth leads to opportunities to grow true wealth."
  • "Growing and giving benefit each other in win-win ways."
  • "Noticing that your true wealth and true worth are two different things. Wealth being your personal value and worth what you give to others."
  • "Gratefulness: it really resonated with me because most people forget the little things in life to be grateful for, but instead focus on the things that they don’t have."
  • "The Philosophy for LYF is vital to achieving elevated success and higher leadership."
  • "To have goodness is to have STRENGTH."
  • "Also noticing that LAF is not just about laughter, but about celebrating and socializing with others."
  • "I learned how important love is. It’s more than just loving others, it’s also about loving yourself."
  • "You need a strong BASE of Goodness and the other values to take full advantage of the Philosophy of LYF."
  • "LAF is not about laughing at somebody in an insulting way."
  • "Wealth is more than money and assets. It’s more about coming into contact with your true character."
  • "Elevated world, personal elevations, divine elevations, LYF = an elevated life."
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I look forward to doing more LRN LAF LUV LIV for Leaders™ workshops for teenagers and adults, elevating leadership in all of us.

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