Knowledge is harmful without goodness

Every other knowledge is harmful to him who does not have knowledge of goodness.”

~ Michel de Montaigne (The Complete Essays of Montaigne, Of Pedantry)

Written by Montaigne in the negative form (paraphrasing, "knowledge is harmful without goodness"), this profound thought strikes an ominous tone if we—as humans—continue to progress our technological advances without upping our game in goodness.

Without an understanding of goodness, knowledge of how to harness energy from atomic participles turns into atomic weapons to threaten and kill people. Knowledge of how to program a computer turns into computer viruses for malicious purposes. Knowledge of a person's location through phones, watches, and other Internet-connected objects turns into a stalking and spying tool for nefarious purposes.

In the Philosophy for LYF, the importance of goodness is stressed even more and in broader, life-bettering terms. It is not just knowledge of goodness that is required. It is the setting of a person's top core value to goodness and making it a way of life that is foundational to a better life.  This is why the core value of goodness is at the bottom of the philosophy's summary visual, serving as the foundation and supporting the rest of your life's mission, vision, and strategy.

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Let's all heed the words of Montaigne. Begin with the knowledge of goodness as your underpinning. Then all other knowledge you acquire can be used to help, not harm.

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