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The last of the three truths of the Philosophy for LYF

There are three key truths to know to best grasp the Philosophy for LYF. These truths set the stage for both understanding the philosophy and being motivated to implement it for your life.

The first two truths were discussed in earlier posts. You may want to read these posts prior to reading this third truth in the trilogy.

Here is the last of the three truths.

Truth #3: Your life can be better.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what you’ve done, your life can be better. Here is what drives this truth.

We are often the roadblock to our better selves. We bring on many of our financial problems by living beyond our means. We worry about things that never come to pass. We get upset because we make wrong assumptions. We abuse our bodies with drugs and our minds with hate. We skip lessons in life and repeat our mistakes. We make the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. We rebel against our own good. We set expectations that neither match reality nor our means. We seek power and prestige over growth and goodness. In our lives that naturally have downs, we often carry our own shovels to dig deeper ditches from which we heap into higher hills with steeper and slippier slopes.

Furthermore, you—yes, you—control your life more than anything or anyone else. It may ring false to those with chronic conditions or debilitating disabilities, those threatened or abused, those without basic necessities or hopes for a future.  Health, security, food, shelter, and clothing may not always be under your full control.

But you control the most critical and valuable aspects of your life: your values, your thoughts, and your actions. When you reset and strengthen your belief system with better values, you immediately position yourself for a better life and set a foundation to support and sustain it. When you align your thoughts and actions with your better values, you make your actions and their outcomes better. And when you make these better actions the focus of how you live your life, you can elevate your life to a higher, better level of living.

You are in control of your own goodness. You are in control of your own growth, your own positive emotions, your own belief in yourself, your own willingness to realize what you are capable of. You may be negatively influenced by others and those that prey on your weaknesses, and others may try to shade, shackle, shield, or shun you, but only you control whether you want to tilt to the sun.

There is nothing within you that forces you to take a downward path. Your life was not created to destroy, degrade, and demoralize yourself or others. Such choices you make may give an illusion of a better life for you, but these are temporary and delusional. You control these choices.

Life can be simpler and better if we focus less on tossing roadblocks in our own path and more on being constructive (not destructive) on what we can control. Given that your life can be better, take control and make it better. Now.

Life better LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live Life

#3: Your life can be better.

Let this truth motivate you to take control and make your life better. Now.

Your better life awaits.

With these three truths in mind, let them motivate you to make the changes to experience a better life.

Given that your life will end, start living your life better. Now.

Given that your life matters, live your life to make a positive difference. Now.

Given that your life can be better, take control and make it better. Now.

The Philosophy for LYF tells you how. Click here to read more.


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