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Path Week 0: Record your life’s baseline

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The Philosophy for LYF provides a path to your better life.  The path is broken into steps.  Each step you take is an incremental improvement of where you were before. And each step you take builds off the previous steps to reinforce what you have changed.

A week is suggested for each step—long enough for you to meet the objective of each step, but short enough to keep you moving forward and gaining experience in each key concept.

This post provides more detail and a template for the first step, done in Week 0.

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Week 0

Record your life's baseline

How have you been living your life recently? Write it down so you can celebrate your progress by Week 8.

The objective of Week 0 is to establish a baseline of your life for the week that has just passed. It is an opportunity to take stock of your life and make you more aware of what you are doing with your life.

This task may take up to an hour or more of reflection and writing. And honesty. Use the Week 0 template that follows.

Step 1. Reflect on the past seven days of your life and briefly document what you have done that relate to each of the LRN LAF LUV LIV deeds of goodness. Distinguish between the deeds of goodness done towards yourself and deeds of goodness towards others. Make sure these are actions of goodness.

Step 2. Reflect on these same past seven days of your life and briefly document any elevations you may have experienced. Did you have any “in-the-zone” experiences brought on naturally by your deeds? Describe them.

Step 3. Were you bad to yourself or others? Were there opportunities to do goodness that you passed up and regret or did not notice until this reflection? Write down these missed opportunities.

Some notes:

  • If you are unable to fill out an area in the first two steps, do not worry. This is how your life is today. Any blanks show opportunities where your life can get better.
  • If you had entries for Step 3, addressing these areas will also make your life better.
  • A PDF version of this template may be downloaded by clicking here.
Template Week 0 LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live Life

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