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Achieve your vision of an elevated life

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Your life's vision in the Philosophy for LYF is an elevated life.  It is your aspiration.  It is what should have been mentioned in the United States of America Declaration of Independence:  Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of an Elevated Life.

What is an Elevated Life?

An elevated life is a life full of growth, enjoyment, purpose, and actualization for both yourself and others.

An elevated life is active, not passive.  An elevated life is full of goodness.  An elevated life rewards yourself and the world.

An elevated life is LYF, a higher form of living that sprouts from growing true wealth and giving true worth, which results from doing the four deeds of goodness of LRN LAF LUV LIV, all rooted in goodness as its foundation.

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Living the Philosophy for LYF deeply and daily produces this elevated life.  It requires vigorously applying all four deeds of goodness (LRN LAF LUV LIV) in concert, both focused inward and outward, and in all aspects of life.

Both growing true wealth and giving true worth are critical to an elevated life.  An elevated life is not ascetic and selfless living; doing goodness to the detriment of your own life and your capabilities is not sustainable.  Nor is an elevated life selfish living; doing goodness at the expense or neglect of others is not a worthy life.  An elevated life results from doing goodness to yourself and to others.

Money and material objects are a means to an end and not an end unto itself.  To live an elevated life, money and materials are used as a means to grow true wealth and give true worth.  True wealth and true worth change the currency of such wealth from material to meaningful, from accumulation to action, from boastful to beneficial.

What are Elevations?

Elevations are jubilant moments in your life.  They are natural highs caused by doing goodness.  Elevations refer to moments when you are doing all four deeds of goodness in concert and synergistically, resulting in strong doses of true wealth and/or true worth.  When you elevate, you elevate your mind, your spirit, your heart, and your very being.  That is why elevations are worth pursuing.

Elevations Philosophy LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF Learn Laugh Love Live Life

When you simultaneously enjoy what you are doing, find meaning in what you are doing, are doing it to the best of your ability, and are growing from the experience, you are at a personally-fulfilling elevated moment in your life – a personal elevation.

An even more special moment in your life is when you are doing goodness for others that is simultaneously geared toward empowering them, giving them joy, nurturing them, and inspiring them.  For your life, these moments are divine elevations.

Both of these types of special moments in your life should be sought after and treasured.

What does "For LYF" mean?

LYF in the credo LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF has a double meaning.

  • For LYF means “for an elevated life”.  Do the four deeds of goodness concurrently and consistently and you will experience an elevated life.
  • For LYF also means “for your lifetime.”  The deeds are not one-time acts; they must be a focus and be performed throughout your life.

The good news is you have the capability to transition your life to a better life and experience an elevated life, no matter where you came from or where you are currently in your life.

The past several posts have described the major concepts in the Philosophy for LYF and are a great resource to understand how you can better your life.  For a refresher, start with this post ("Understanding the Philosophy for LYF") and continue through the next several posts in order.  Your life can become better for it.

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