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Make your resolutions full of goodness

Many people make personal resolutions around New Year's day, birthdays, or other major events in life.  Resolutions are decisions to do or not do something in your life.  Typical resolutions include eating better, losing weight, exercising more, saving money, or drinking less.

Many people do not keep up with their resolutions, though.  Surveys have shown the success rate of sticking with resolutions is low.  Why?

  • It takes doing (and not just wishing).
  • It needs to align with your core values (and not against them).
  • It should tie to a grander vision of your better life (and not be unrelated).
  • It needs a clear, proven path (and not just hoping for the best).

What can help you create meaningful, life-bettering resolutions and help you attain better outcomes? The Philosophy for LYF provides you with the concepts, the path, and the tools to succeed.

Make Your Resolutions a Doing

Learn, laugh, love, and live (as in are all verbs for a reason.  Bettering your life requires action.  Action by you.

Your life's strategy in the Philosophy for LYF is to dedicate your life to doing four deeds of goodnessLRN, LAF, LUV, and LIV.  These four action-oriented, interconnected deeds of goodness specify how––through your actions––to both grow true wealth and give true worth.

Concepts - Philosophy - Strategy deeds of goodness - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

The deeds of goodness are actions that are performed with intention and with goodness.  The actions are also directed inward toward self and outward toward others and the world.

Bottomline: Write your resolutions specifically tied to one or more of the deeds of goodness.

Align Your Resolutions with Goodness

If your resolutions are not tied to your personal core values, you are less likely to achieve your desired outcomes.  There is a misalignment, pushing while pulling.

Your life's core values in the Philosophy for LYF are goodness, open-mindedness, gratefulness, respectfulness, and courageousness. Aligning and living your life with these values every day exemplifies the goodness of your character and guides your way of life.

Concepts - Philosophy - Values - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

Goodness is the single all-encompassing, foundational value of an elevated life and essential ingredient for creating any true value in your life. Each of the four other supporting values is a requisite for fully creating true value from one of the four related deeds of goodness.

Bottomline: Make sure you have the core value of goodness, and then make your resolutions fully aligned and embedded with goodness.

Keep in Mind Your Vision

You may have selected a specific resolution (stop smoking) and understand its direct desired benefit (save money, improve health, keep your relationship with someone who asks you to stop).  But oftentimes it is not tied to a greater vision of what you want your better life to be.  Having that greater vision can help keep you strong when the pull of reverting back to your previous behavior is making it harder to permanently change for the better.

Your life's vision in the Philosophy for LYF is an elevated life. An elevated life is a high form of living, full of true wealth and true worth, of wisdom, joy, purpose, and actualization.

Concepts - Philosophy - Vision - learn laugh love live life LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

An elevated life is filled with elevations—jubilant moments in your life, some personal as you grow true wealth and some divine as you give true worth.

Bottomline: Keep in mind the vision of your better, elevated life as you pursue your resolution.

Have a Path to Success

A resolution without a plan for achieving it significantly lowers the success rate.  You need a set of steps that build upon each other to lead you to change and to achieve your goal.

The Philosophy for LYF provides a path to your better life that is achievable and always forward. The path is broken into steps. Each step you take is an incremental improvement of where you were before. And each step you take builds off the previous steps to reinforce what you have changed.

Philosophy - Path Steps learn laugh love live LRN LAF LUV LIV LYF

Bottomline: Follow the Philosophy for LYF eight-week path to your better life and incorporate your resolution as you go through it.

Bottomline: Resolve for Goodness

Making a resolution to better your life is not reserved for New Year's Day or your birthday.  While these recurring milestone markers can remind us to reflect on our past and envision a better future, there is no need to wait.  The rest of your life begins today, no matter who you are, where you have been, or what you have done.

Resolve to better your life.  Resolve today––and for the rest of your life––to LRN LAF LUV LIV for LYF.  Your life will be better for it.


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